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How to select the best pasta at the supermarket?

Pasta is not only enjoyed by Italians but also by many people in Singapore. However, very often we are lost when we have so many brands in front of us. which one should we buy?

Here I have 2 ways to help you select the right one.

  • Porosity of the Pasta When you pick up a pack of pasta, we would often select the one that look better, where the pasta looks smooth, yellow, and clean of flour. These are the ones that you should not pick. A good pasta should be porous so that it is absorb the flavours from the sauce. A good picture guide is as follows:


Smooth and yellow.

  • Protein Percentage I bet all of us would like our pasta chewy and done al dente. This is where the protein percentage of the pasta comes in. A good pasta should have about 14 - 16g protein in 100g, you can find this information on the packaging.

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